Allerjeeze anti-dust mite Standard Pillow cover

Allerjeeze anti-dust mite Standard Pillow cover has the following specifications Allerjeeze covers are made of a silky, soft, true tight micro fibre weave. They are strong, lightweight and totally imperceptible in use. This unique microfibre blocks allergens, yet allows the free passage of air and moisture. Allerjeeze covers totally encase the bedding with long mite-proof zips (for the mattress the zip runs along one end and one side) that allow easy fitting and an internal zip cover prevents any possible allergen leakage though the zip. All seams and edges are bound with seam binding for durability. The covers are completely non allergenic, unlike pure cotton which in itself can cause allergy. The pore size of the material is less than 5 microns (considerably smaller than house dust mite allergens) and does not change during use (unlike cotton microfibres where the pore size rapidly grows during use reducing protection). After use and repeated washings, the material will always be soft to touch unlike cotton which will noticeably stiffen. Washable at 60 C. Guaranteed for 10 years. CE Mark Medical Device Class 1. Also available in Single, Double, King and Super King Mattress and Duvet. Dimensions (cm): 54 x 68 Dimensions (inch): 21 x 27

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  • The Allerjeeze range is the ONLY bedding barrier to be recommended by one of the worlds leading allergy clinician, Dr Bruce Mitchell. He has been recommending our products to his patients diagnosed with dust mite allergy for the last 15 years.
  • This range is ONLY available from Allerjeeze in the UK and Ireland
  • This range is highly water vapour permeable – ensures you don’t get clammy and sweaty
  • All our products are chemical free and the scientific testing is based purely on the tight weave. Quiet sleeping – no noisy rustling as you move
  • Why choose covers instead of an entirely new bed? Because it is easier and cheaper to keep the bed you love already than replace it not knowing if its going to be comfortable – just cover it with Allerjeeze 100% anti dust mite protection and enjoy a good nights rest again without sneezing, wheezing or coughing. Guaranteed for 10 years

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