Dyson 906562-13 Parquet nozzle

Dyson 906562-13 Parquet nozzle has the following specifications Parquet nozzle Dyson DC19T2 DC22 DC23 DC23T2 DC26 DC29 DC29DB DC32 DC36 DC37 Dyson parquet nozzle, ideal for use with specified models Genuine Dyson colours such as similar to Gdyson devices, parts and accessories are available in Unserenanderen categories.All other Dyson Product On request

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  • Dyson original product no. 906562-13
  • Suitable for: DC19T2, DC22, DC23, DC23T2, DC26, DC29, DC29DB, DC32, DC36, DC37
  • Dimensions: L 35 cm, W 19.5 cm, H 8 cm

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Kärcher 4. 767-149.0 Nozzle triple 0 °C/25° and 40° 038
Kärcher 4. 767-149.0 Nozzle triple 0 °C/25° and 40° 038
Kärcher 4. 767-149.0 Nozzle triple 0 °C/25°