Grain Mill Grain Kraft Mulino

Grain Mill Grain Kraft Mulino has the following specifications The hand mill Mulino is made of solid Beech wood, treated with organic beeswax.

A very easy turning mechanism with the millstone made of Naxo Basalt.

Produces approx. 100g/min of coarse flour or 25g/min of fine flour

Hopper capacity – 200g

Weight – 1.4 kg

Height 24.5cm

Width 15.5cm

Depth 15.5cm

The mill stone is self sharpening and does not need to be cleaned after each use

Drawer collects the flour, making the job tidy and clean! The drawer is secured by two springs to keep it firmly closed, therefore you can place the mill safely on your lap and enjoy grinding your own flour.

The mill can be used to process all types of dry grain (except corn) and oilseeds such as linseed, and sesame. You should grind the oilseeds on a medium to a coarse setting and clean the milling mechanism afterwards with a bit of dry rice.

5 years guarantee

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  • Grinding capacity: about 25 g of flour per minute for all cereals except corn
  • Housing: Solid beech wood; Millstone-Diameter: 4 cm cast basalt in Naxos magnesite cement, conical
  • Crank: steel, 11cm, with rotating wooden handle Crank radius: 12 cm
  • Setting the fineness with a knob above the funnel
  • 5 years Guarantee

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