Ryobi RBV26B 26cc Petrol Blower Vac

Ryobi RBV26B 26cc Petrol Blower Vac has the following specifications As any conscientious homeowner will know, clearing leaves, snow or dust from broad level surfaces can be a real pain, particularly in windy conditions. With its powerful 26cc engine, blower/vacuum functionality & efficient 12:1 mulching ratio, Ryobi’s RBV26B is the ideal solution to this problem. There’s no more need for tiresome raking – capable of delivering airspeeds of up to 320km/h, & an air displacement of 12m³/min, Ryobi’s petrol blower vac blasts leafy debris away from driveways, lawns & patios. Using the RBV26B’s blower function, leaves can be gathered together to facilitate easy collection. Once you’ve done this, simply substitute the blower tube for the included vacuum tube, & use the RBV26B to effortlessly draw the debris in. the blower vac’s mulching function reduces the volume of the gathered leaves, maximising the capacity of the included 40l collection bag. Comfortable use is ensured: the RBV26B’s cruise control throttle allows the desired speed to be maintained hands free, & is supplemented by a convenient shoulder strap for reduced strain on the arms. Environmentally conscious users will also be pleased to learn that the blower vac’s clean engine technology puts it well within CE CO and HCNox emission limits.

– Air volume l/min: 12.8
– Airflow speed km/h: 325
– Collection bag capacity l: 40
– Engine displacement cc: 26
– Mulching ratio: 12:1
– Power Hp: 1
– Weight kg: 4.3

– 2 stroke oil
– Collection bag
– On-board wrench
– Vacuum tubes
– Blower tubes

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  • Powerful 26cc POWRLT2 for efficient blowing and vacuuming performance
  • 325km/hr air speed for moving even wet leaves to keep your garden tidy
  • Adjustable throttle speed to match the current job
  • On-board tool storage makes it easier to maintain
  • Easily-interchangeable blower and vacuum tubes for hassle-free use in both modes

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