Samsung OM55D-W Monitor

Samsung OM55D-W Monitor has the following specifications

Draw more visitors to your retail business by effectively delivering promotional messaging with excellent visibility. OMD Series SMART Signage features 2500-nit high brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio for superb visibility in various lighting environments. Even customers who are wearing polarised sunglasses can view messages with outstanding clarity and brightness, without the display-blindness effect typically experienced with LCD displays. Optimise brightness control while reducing display operating expenses and power consumption with an automatic brightness sensor. You can customise the maximum and minimum brightness within a range of 350-nit to 2500-nit brightness to complement any environment and control expenses, while extending the life of the monitor. Present business messaging 24 / 7 even when the display is exposed to sunlight directly and indirectly for reliable around-the-clock operation. OMD Series SMART Signage is mechanically designed and has undergone internal testing to endure heat with a panel that can withstand up to 110 ░C (230 ░F) temperatures. Leverage Samsung’s industry-leading 2nd Generation SSSP and a powerful quad-core processor with SoC technology for outstanding performance. 2nd Generation SSSP has advanced MagicInfo Premium S all-in-one embedded content management solution that eliminates the need for a separate PC or media player. The result is an uncluttered and simplified digital signage configuration that delivers rich media content, enhanced operational efficiency and lower TCO. Manage content conveniently from a mobile device with built-in Wi-Fi and MagicInfo solution, even when the displays are installed in difficult-to-access locations.

Main Features

  • Reach your audience with excellent visibility
  • Save with cost effective display optimisation
  • Rely on durable screens that run 24 / 7
  • Enjoy all-in-one content management system

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>>>>> BUY NOW <<<<<

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